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Hall of Fame Members

The Black Hawk College Hall of Fame inductees are selected based on their outstanding success and distinction in their chosen field; humanitarian service(s) or activities which has proven beneficial to society; and have completed at least 30 college credit hours at Black Hawk College.

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Inductee List

James D. Albracht

Monty Dolieslager

U.S. Representative Lane Evans

Reggie Freeman

Michael L. Grchan*

Gordon Greer

Perry Hansen

Lt. Cmdr. David Hebdon

Rick John

Richard Kauzlarich

Lee Lohman

Allen R. McCaulley

Brent McRae

Patricia O’Conor

Robert Ontiveros

Chad Pregracke

Thomas A. Rexdale

Dr. Jeanne Roller

Scott Schaefer

Dr. James Sears

John A. Slover, Jr.

John A. Tacker

Linnea E. Thompson

Steve VanDeWalle

Rose Vasquez

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